Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I prepare for my reading?

~ All that you have to do is relax and enjoy your messages from your loved ones!  Thinking of your loved ones that have passed before your reading can help bring them in, as the thought energy helps to connect us in physical energy.

Can you get in touch with a certain loved one?

~While I have a very high success rate with connecting with the loved one you desire, I cannot guarantee that a certain loved one will be present.  Your loved ones are in control of the reading, and all I can do is give the messages as I receive them.  I can tell you that your loved ones are just as excited for the reading as you are, and they never miss an opportunity to give a healing message.

How do you “talk” to my loved ones in Spirit?

~Every medium has a unique way that they communicate with the other side.  As for myself, I can feel energy and emotions.  I can also receive symbols and pictures from your loved ones that help me put a message together for you, or I might hear certain words, like names or places, that help me validate.  Sometimes I can see energy (I see it as heat waves or flashes of light), or smell a certain perfume, flower, or cigar smoke to validate how your loved one was in this life.  I am very lucky that this energy has options on how they would like to communicate with me, and they may use one or many of these ways to communicate.

Will I hear bad or scary information in my reading?

~I say a very powerful protective prayer before I begin any reading, and my guides will not allow any lower vibrational energy in during the reading (unless it is a loved one that has just passed). All messages are healing messages to validate loved ones that have passed or to help you with a positive outcome to problems in your life.  My guides will not allow negative messages or information to come though without a healing message.

For a phone reading, should I call you at our appointment time?

~Because I sit in meditation before your reading in order to provide protection and bring your loved ones that have passed to the reading, I will call you at your appointment time.  I may call a few minutes early or late (no more than 5 minutes either way).  Please make sure that I have a phone number for you before your reading so things can run smoothly. 

How should I pay?

~I accept Paypal on this website, and I ask that you prepay for your session.  I will refund your money if I cannot connect with your loved ones and validate messages for you.  I always offer this option for a refund, as I work with energy and nothing is certain.  As of today, I have never had a reading where I could not validate messages and to my knowledge I have a 100% satisfaction rating from clients.  Remember, your loved ones will tell you things you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.