International Certified Medium
Animal Communicator
Master Sound Healer~Master Reiki Healer 200 Hour YA Certified Teacher

Heather Eve Bristol had always been able to sense spiritual energy, but her spiritual mediumship journey began in 2008 with the passing of her mother Pearl Elizabeth Freeman.  Since then, Heather has been able to communicate with loved ones that have passed and pets (both living and passed). Her gifts have the ability to heal through the knowledge that consciousness continues on, and that passing on is simply a transition like that of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

The physical loss of a loved one is the deepest one can grieve; however, they are only a thought away.  Our loved ones never really leave us, as their energy stays with us as we continue our physical journey. Heather has validated this time and time again through her readings.

Our animal friends are as much a part of our families as sisters, brothers and children.  Through animal communication, Heather has worked with top horse trainers (from racehorses to hunter/jumpers) and veterinarians with the intention to deepen the understanding between horse and human.  She has also communicated with many different animals (cats, dogs, donkeys, and even a snake!) in order to create harmony between owner and pet.

In 2012, Heather became a Reiki Master healer, and has continued to utilize energy healing though yoga, crystal sound bowls, Qi Gong, acupressure meridians and her own special blend of energy healing.   Energy is everything and everything is energy.  By tapping into this power healing modality, Heather can help improve both the lives of people and pets.  She is currently available for distance energy sessions or distance sound healing sessions.

Heather offers continuing education for people wishing to develop their spiritual gifts.  She uses private sessions, either in person at her farm or over the phone, in order to help people achieve their individual spiritual goals!  Each class is personally tailored to the student’s goals, and she also offers a certification course for those wanting to deepen their spiritual connection, and explore their personal gifts.

Heather is always happy to meet new people and animals – everyone is welcome!

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