DEStiny! Session


In December of 2021, Heather experienced 2 Takotsubo (Broken Heart Syndrome) events within 48 hours which sent her into heart failure.   This life shifting event happened out of the blue with no warning.  It took her more then 8 months to recover, but in that time she was able to learn something wonderful!  Heather discovered a technique that would help her accept peace and love not only in herself, but in all of the events of her life both good and bad.  Now, she is happy to share these principles with others in hopes that they will find the love and peace that she has come to know as her DEStiny!

DEStiny has 3 alignment principals- DNA, Ego & Soul.  Once all three of these systems are working in harmony with each other, then the true self can be realized.  We are all enlightened beings.  We just need to recognize our enlightenment to fulfill our soul’s purpose.  That is where the DEStiny! sessions can assist.

It’s not about healing, letting go, changing, or being anything else but the true you!!! It is about understanding the soul’s purpose & plan.  It is about feeling a sense of peace and love no matter what is crashing around you.   We cannot control, but we can accept & love with a purpose.

Destiny! Sessions can also be used for pets, and will support the pet/owner relationship.

If you do not see an appointment time that will work with your schedule, please contact Heather at 407-925-4417 (Call or text) or email at for more appointment time options.

These sessions are available via phone or Zoom and can be recorded on Zoom per the client’s request. Please contact Heather directly to schedule your session.

60 min. DEStiny! Session (Via phone or Zoom)
225.00 USD
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30 min. DEStiny! Session (Via phone or Zoom)
115.00 USD
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